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Bessa Reagan Hackney | Birth Session | Chapel Hill, North Carolina

February 4-5, 2019

Welcoming Bessa Reagan into this world with her precious parents and sweet aunt, Stephanie, was the best BIG story to start off 2019! If you've ever been apart of a birth session it is truly heartwarming. It can be painful, emotional, exciting and stressful all at the same time.

Upon arriving at the hospital around 9:30pm, I was eager to see how far Laura had progressed. Once I checked in and made it up to the room I noticed Laura's contractions started to get pretty steady and were only 45 seconds apart. I began taking pictures of the room, and capturing the moments before Laura received her epidural. As the contractions built I could feel her strength as I began listening to Kyle and Stephanie help Laura.

After many changes in positions and readjustments of the peanut ball Laura was finally able to catch little rest. In between the epidural and finally being able to get comfortable we were all able to dose off here and there in between the nurse's visits.

A few hours later the Dr came in to check Laura to see if she had dilated any further. Unfortunately, there was no change and her contractions had started to slow down after the epidural. It was getting harder to keep Bessa comfortable so the nurses kept repositioning Laura every 30 minutes. After oxygen, ice cubes and more nurses visits we were all starting to get a little anxious on when this girl was going to make her appearance. The Dr had to inform Laura of the precautions for a C section, go over the paperwork and gather signatures just incase this is what needed to happen.

We all knew that this is not what Laura had in mind but we knew there was still hope in this delivery. She could do this. Sweet Kyle had been on the couch catching a little sleep prior to the Dr coming in but after this news it was time to pray. We all gathered around Laura as Kyle began to pray over this sweet baby girl and Laura as she was needing a change in her body to continue this birth naturally.

A few hours later, after staring at the baby monitor over and over again we just knew there was going to be a change after the next check. Thankfully, there was! We were at 8cm and we knew it was go time from then on! As we began to prepare and get the room ready for delivery Laura tried to relax as much as possible before Bessa made her way into the world.

After our last check around 7:30, Laura had reached 10 centimeters and was preparing to deliver their baby girl. We were all so ecstatic and anxious to meet this baby girl and the time was finally here. It was time to start pushing!!

After 24 hours of labor and 40 minutes of pushing, Bessa Reagan Hackney was here!! Tears of joy had reached all of our eyes as Bessa was placed in Laura's arms. Being in that moment, with those parents and their oh-so-caring aunt, it made it worth all of the long hours and nurse checks one after the other. She was here. Exactly how Laura had planned and she was SO adorable. Watching Kyle cut the umbilical cord brought more tears but tears of joy!

After weighing, checking fingers and toes, Laura began breastfeeding. With tears of joy and so much love, she and Kyle began taking in this moment. Their daughter, created perfect in his image was finally here.


"For this child I have prayed, and the Lord has granted the desires of my heart."

1 SAMUEL 1:27


Introducing Bessa to the family brought so much joy for those that have been waiting very patiently to see her sweet face!


Taking in these sweet moments with Kyle & Laura were so special. Bessa, you are SO loved already and I can't wait to watch you grow and to see your parents love you throughout the years. Thank you so much for letting me be apart of this special time.

Congratulations Kyle & Laura!

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