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Family Beach Trip | March 2019 | Haggerty & Stone Families

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

This past weekend we had such a great time at the beach with the fam. Still missing the other side of the Haggerty family, but it was so nice to get away and have a little break with some warm weather! My parents have a nice little place in Supply, North Carolina right by Holden Beach. On Friday, my brother Matthew, wanted to take the family out on his boat. We had the perfect weather and went to go eat dinner at one of our favorites, Provision Company Restaurant right on the water.

Right after dinner, my brother took us for a ride down the canal and we soaked up every little bit of the beautiful sunset that night!



On Saturday, we ate breakfast, packed our lunches, and headed out to the beach! Cody and I brought the dogs down with us because they love the water SO much! (as you will see) The weather was 72 with barely any clouds out and we were so happy to be soaking up the sun this early in the year! Scroll through to see more of our time on the beach and some salty blonde-haired babes.


Thanks for stopping by!


Holden Beach, North Carolina HD Photo & Design

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