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Kendall Fraley | FREE Session Contestant | Graduation Session | Guilford College | Greensboro, NC

April 17th, 2019

Back in January I offered a FREE session for reaching 500 followers on my Instagram page. After many entries, shares and likes, I hosted my drawing! This drawing was left to the choice of the winner for their type of session.

I hosted a LIVE Facebook video to announce the winner with my randomized name chooser. My lucky winner was Kendall Fraley!!! Surprisingly, Kendall, her mother and I, had all just bumped into each other at Walmart a few weeks prior and she had told me she was graduating soon. She was looking to get some graduation pictures done and was inquiring about booking. Kendall and I have known each other for quite some time now! I had my husband select the timer for the drawing and as soon as he hit stop my mouth just dropped because I couldn't believe she WON!!

Congratulations again Kendall!! This is such an accomplishment and all of your hard work has finally paid off. Once you walk across the stage with your diploma it will feel so surreal that you made it through and you have finally got what you have been waiting for. Trust me. This is such a special moment and you deserve to celebrate!

Scroll below to see more pictures from Kendall's session~








Kendall Fraley - 2019 Graduate

Guilford College

Greensboro, North Carolina


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