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Rachel & Ben | Engagement Session | March 16, 2019 | Julian, North Carolina

Everyone, meet Rachel & Ben, one of my HDP couples that I have for May of 2020. These two were so easy to work with behind the camera. Learning about Rachel & Ben's story during their session was one of the sweetest, especially hearing it from Ben. (I feel like guys always tell some of the best details when it comes to how they met their fiance.)

Let me just tell you a little story about their session. Rachel had mentioned that she wanted to do their Engagement Session at her place. Considering that her mom has 40 acres of land, beautiful horses and lots of other animals, of course I said yes! Considering we had to reschedule because of sickness and yucky weather, I text Rachel the day before to check in and to also get an address for her house. Rachel replied with her address but also mentioned that her driveway was a mile long. I was like okay, it'll have a drive but I'm sure I'll be able to see the house from the road. Y'all. Let me tell you about this driveway. It was LITERALLY a mile long and I didn't know where the heck I was going. --- Imagine, The Chronicles of Narnia, Lucy going into the wardrobe closet and her taking forever to get to Narnia. Yeah, that was me and I thought I was lost! LOL But then, as soon as I began to see fencing and some of the pretty horses I knew I was in the right place. As soon as I pulled up, Rachel & Ben came out of the house and were ready to start shooting!

These two have known each other since high school by mutual friends. And as every girl would say, he was the one that was always there. Rachel never realized how important he was until she finally let him in. Rachel said "He kept pushing and pushing for me to go out with him and then I finally just gave in. After that, the rest was history."

Ben, you have the sweetest girl in your arms and everyone can see that! Your love for each other is so true and visible to all of us. Keep loving her despite being away in the Marines with the time and miles that you have apart and just know, May 23, 2020 will be here before we all know it!

Scroll below to see more of Rachel & Ben's engagement session at Rachel's home in Julian, North Carolina.



Julian, North Carolina

Rachel & Ben Engagement Session

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