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The Padgett Family | Greensboro, North Carolina

I am so happy to introduce you all to The Padgett Family. I met with them last weekend with all intentions of working with some teenage boys that didn't know how in the world they were going to smile for a WHOLE hour?! haha! When Andra and I spoke about doing pictures she mentioned that they hardly ever have any taken.. so of course, I'm like HELLO lets get some family pictures done!

We couldn't have chosen a better time for pictures, the leaves had just started to change earlier that week and she was lucky to have had such a beautiful scenery picked out! After meeting their two boys, I quickly learned that they are going to be some heartbreakers for sure! ;)

Right when we were about to wrap up their session, I mentioned how we just had a few more pictures to take and then we were all done - the boys couldn't believe it! Gavin and Mason, you made it till the end! Rob & Andra, you have the sweetest little family!

Take a look at some of their session from last weekend ~

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